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This site is dedicated to helping owners care for their pets in a more hands on manner that allows for a deeper trust and connection to develop. We also strive to help the investigating pet owner to decide if this very beautiful and childish breed will fit the lifestyle and expectations of their homes. For those who struggle with affordable healthcare, we are happy to provide tips and tricks to help diagnose, treat, and improve the health of your pet. Keep in mind, the information on this site is not validated by any veterinary office or medical staff, simple derived from years of experience of many breeders and pet owners hoping to make life a little easier and less stressful for all. For the rising breeder, we are happy to help and guide you in ways no one was willing to offer us in the hopes you will become a more responsible breeder and choose the methods which will ensure you bring joy to all who adopt your puppies and bring a little more trust back into the profession. We hope you find that which you are searching and hope the information brings you a happy ending.
The Georgia Shih Tzu is changing as must all things with time. I am happy to continue to make this information available to all, though I am no longer to work with you directly to help you with your needs. I am grateful another owner has been able to step in now I am no longer able and happy for the years I have spent working with you all. Good luck in your endeavors and I hope you continue to share the same love for this wonderful breed as I will always carry in my heart. -Sheralyn Milton